Hino is the rival character in Pokemon Grey. He wears a red shirt looking like the

ones worn by Hilbert, (Pokemon B/W) Nate and Hugh ( both Pokemon B2/W2)

In Pokemon GreyEdit

Hino first appeared in Pokemon Grey. He is the rival and childhood friend of Duke and Dina

Battle QuotesEdit

First BattleEdit

Before battle

-Now, we've finally recieved our pokemon from Professor Spruce! i have been waiting for so long! Wait! i have a idea, <Player name>, let's do our first Pokemon battle!

After first move

-I've been waiting so long! i am finally doing a pokemon battle!

After pokemon is at half health

-Huh? mine's gotten a little damaged!

Pokemon has low health

-All right! little Pokemon, do your best now!

After Losing

-Well, it was my first battle, so i understand, that i lost.

After Winning

-Huh? i WON? i did'nt expect that from my new pokemon, well that shows that he's pretty strong!

Name OriginEdit

From Hinotama, Japenese word for Fireball.