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Artwork from Grey version Demo.

Hintachu is a dual Fire and Electric type. it evolves from Pikachu when exposed to a Fire stone. Its siginature move is Electric Flame.

Known MovesEdit

Tackle (LV1)

Growl (LV1)

Tail Whip (LV2)

Iron Tail (LV3)

Electric Flame (LV5)

Ember (LV5)

Blaze Cannon (LV18)

Pokedex entriesEdit

Generation A
Grey It is helpful and very brave. Its tail is perfect for a disguise to help fellow pokemon hide.
Light Grey A very brave pokemon that often likes to fight. It is also good at finding and helping friends.
Dark Grey This pokemon does not stand back. If its friends is in trouble, it helps them.

Name originEdit

From Hinotama, the Japenese word for Fireball and chuchu, the Japenese sound of squeaking. Might also be from Hint, proving the fact that it helps other pokemon hide.